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Behind the Bar: The Creative Journey of Dram & Draught's Menu

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When you step into Dram & Draught, you are immediately greeted by a friendly smile from behind the bar and an array of intriguing selections on the wall. As the cocktail menu is handed to you, you begin a journey shaped by the collective creativity of our seven unique locations. This journey is not just about what you see on the menu; it's about the intricate process that each of these drinks undergoes before it earns its place in your hands.

Our approach to the cocktail menu is less like following a recipe and more like capturing a moment, mixing the familiar with a dash of the extraordinary. Within each of our seven locations, the creation process begins with a team effort: bartenders collaborate, drawing inspiration from one of seven cocktail families, to craft drinks that embody these categories with a unique, local twist. This initial phase is a vibrant mix of individual creativity and teamwork, unique to each bar.

Once these location-specific cocktails are refined and selected, the collaboration extends beyond the confines of each individual bar. Here, the general managers and head bartenders from all locations step in, each bringing the best of their bar's creations to a wider table. It is in this collective meeting of minds and flavors where the final cocktail menu takes shape. This stage is more than just selection; it's a fusion of the finest offerings from each location, resulting in a menu that's rich in variety and steeped in the collective spirit of our diverse locales.

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In Raleigh, for instance, Cole's creation, 'America Runs on Turkey,' captures the essence of the city’s robust character. This cocktail, a harmonious blend of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon and the smooth richness of locally-owned Larry's Coffee cold brew, is elevated by the nutty notes of toasted hazelnut and the depth of cherry bark vanilla bitters, offering a sip of Raleigh's unapologetically bold and vibrant soul.

Charlotte's lively nightlife, where the espresso martini is a beloved staple, inspires the creation of Shri's 'Campfire Delight.' This exceptional blend combines graham cracker-infused Altos Reposado with the comforting notes of Cantera Negra Cafe. It's a tribute to the city's unique charm, where friends gather to share stories and laughter long into the night.

The journey from an initial concept to a beloved staple on our menu is a testament to the collaborative spirit at Dram & Draught. In Winston-Salem, Randall’s 'Faded with a Stranger' was inspired by our guests' love for sangria. This vibrant mix of Bacardi Dragonberry, Cabernet Sauvignon, and strawberry-lemon oleo resonates with those who seek the familiar joy of sangria with an exciting twist.

To round out the menu, we include Dram Favorites and Classic Renditions - classics that have received our unique touch. It's a celebration of our legacy and a nod to the timeless tastes that our guests adore.

As you explore the cocktail menu, you're not just looking at a list of drinks. You're embarking on a journey through the tastes and tales of the cities we call home, each cocktail a window into the community and culture that inspired it. This intimate connection to local scenes, fused with the creativity of our bartenders, makes our menu more than just a list of drinks; it's a collection of stories, each told through the art of cocktail making.

Every time you visit our bar, the cocktails you enjoy are chapters in our ongoing story, a story that celebrates the diversity, creativity, and community spirit of each location. We're proud to share this story with every pour, inviting you to not just taste our cocktails but to experience a piece of the local life they represent.