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Pear & Hearth: Your Autumnal Sipper

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Ah, fellow seasonal sensation seeker, here's the scene: When the winds are nipped with a tang in the air, leaves crunch underfoot, and you find yourself all huddled up there by a roaring fire with a glass that tastes basically like autumn wrapped up its best, warmest arms around you—that's the Pear & Hearth. Now, while you can make your way to any of the seven Dram & Draught locations to partake in this creation, something feels genuine about this patronage of pleasure in its hometown, Winston.

Introducing Hunter: The Lead Bartender

He's an integral to the Winston crew. When not setting the tone behind the bar or being a face for our service, he's out creating with passion. And one such creation? The Pear & Hearth… a drink that feels like bottling up autumn.

A Tip of the Cap to Classics: The Family of Sours

The Pear & Hearth Rum elevates with better grace a long-beloved sour family of cocktails: the Daiquiri, Margarita, Sidecar—you know them. Pear & Hearth infuses that classic DNA with a seasonal touch to evoke flavors and feelings of what autumn was meant to be. If you have a soft spot for the classics yet a gnawing desire for something seasonal, then this is your drink.

All About the Glass: Nick & Nora

Now, for a moment, let's talk about that glass. Now, there's the Nick & Nora glass with a very fascinating history. It was revived by famous mixologist Dale DeGroff during his appointment in the glittery setting of New York City's Rainbow Room in '87. A nod to the urbane Thin Man film series hearkened its way to restoration. We've used it here in Pear & Hearth for a respectful cocktail heritage—classic style paired with modern élan.

The House-Made Touch: Pear Cordial

Now, a special shoutout to our house-made pear cordial that amplifies this cocktail's essence. Freshly pressed and finely strained pear juice provides its base, with the harmonious blend of sugar, vodka, and just a hint of Martell cognac. Then, with precision sous vide to perfection, so every sip of the Pear & Hearth does its job—taking you onto a lovely autumn day.

The Recipe Rundown:

- 3 drops saline

- 2 dashes Angostura

- 0.25 oz honey simple syrup

- 1 oz house-made pear cordial

- 0.75 oz fresh lemon juice

- 1.5 oz Social House Vodka

Glass: Nick & Nora

Garnish with: Dehydrated Pear

Although Pear & Hearth is featured on every menu at Dram & Draught, there's just a little something about the Winston spot that sprinkles fairydust over it. Here, sipping it, you're sipping a cocktail whose every component—house-made cordial, ratios—each was a labor of love by Hunter and his talented team around him.

So autumn calls, eh? You're looking for a sensory journey? Look no further than Pear & Hearth.